Small Claims Court Matters

Small Claims Court only deals with matters where the value of the claim, not including interest and court costs, is $25,000 or less.

Inhaam Law Office is a team of legal professionals that represents excellence, quality and devotion. We are committed in providing our clients with legal services through our strong knowledge of Small Claims Court Rules and Procedures.

We approach each case with a fresh perspective by focusing on each client's individual needs. We take great care in developing personal and long-term trusted relationships by completing all work on time and accordance with the Rules of Small Claims Court.

At Inhaam Law Office, we maintain professionalism at all times and use discretion with handling confidential data. We strive to provide great service and to achieve outstanding results.

Small Claims Court matters include:

• Breach of contract
• Unpaid accounts for goods or services sold and delivered
• Unpaid loans
• Unpaid rent
• Personal injuries
• Property damage
• Clothes damaged by a dry cleaner
• NSF cheques

  1. Thinking of suing in Small Claims Court?

  2. How do I make a claim in Small Claims Court?

  3. Are you being sued in Small Claims Court?

  4. How do I reply to a claim in Small Claims Court?

  5. How do I serve Small Claims Court documents?

  6. What happens if the defendant does not reply to my claim?

  7. How do I bring a motion in Small Claims Court?

  8. Can I settle the case outside the courtroom?

  9. What is a settlement conference?

  10. What do I need to know about Small Claims Court trials?

  11. How do I get my money if I win in Small Claims Court?

  12. How much are the fees in Small Claims Court?

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Who We Help

If any of the following describes your legal problem, then this is the right website for you:

    1. You or your business is looking to sue someone for a debt under or a little over $25,000;
    2. You or your business have been sued and need help with defending a lawsuit;
    3. You or your business needs court representation because feel uncomfortable going to court alone;
    4. You or your business needs help from someone specializing in this area of law;
    5. You want to be educated about court procedure so that you leverage your chances of success; and
    6. You want help from a lawyer/paralegal team who provide value for your money.


Our Fees

Our fees are flat and reasonable, and most important, we believe in providing value. Inhaam Law Office’s professionals are down to earth and don't charge your every time you email or call them.
Litigation is dynamic and unpredictable. However, the average Small Claims case involves 3 stages: Pleadings, Settlement Conference (if necessary) and Trial (if necessary). You can seek an order for reimbursement if you win at trial, and then it is within the discretion of the judge. We ask for half the retainer which is paid to us in trust, prior to commencing work, and the other half of the retainer prior to the Settlement Conference. All clients sign a retainer agreement which explains the details more in depth, and we are happy to review same with you prior to signing.

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