Real Estate Law

Buying, selling or refinancing real property in the GTA? The Toronto-based real estate lawyer(s) at Inhaam Law Office provides the services you need for all real estate transactions, including for houses, condos and commercial and industrial properties.

Our services:

Services for residential real estate transactions include:

Condominium sales involve specific details that set them apart from other types of residential real estate. Our lawyer provides the following services for condominium transactions:

For transactions involving commercial or industrial properties, we offer the following services:

If you plan to lease your commercial property instead of purchasing, we can assist you with all the details of drafting and renewing your lease:

Real estate transactions can be very complex. The Inhaam Law Office will help you make sense of all the details and processes involved in your transaction.

To schedule an appointment with a real estate lawyer, please contact our office at (647) 427-2406.

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